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In Arabic, Sirat means path or direction, and is a reflection of our vision and core values. As a philosophy, Sirat represents our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of Shariah compliance with our financial products and unparalleled customer service.

Sirat has its roots in the values and principles upheld by the Habib family in more than 100 years of international business.
We have launched the Islamic banking service under the brand name ‘Sirat’, which reflects our group’s core values and vision for future success.

We offer Islamic personal and commercial banking products, managed by our dedicated Sirat team, which has a UK-wide mandate.

Shariah compliance sits firmly at the heart of our Sirat banking products and services

To give you peace of mind that Sirat banking meets Shariah principles, we work closely with an independent Shariah adviser to ensure the structures and documentation of the Sirat accounts are reviewed and approved from a Shariah compliance perspective.

Our advisory firm is Islamic Finance Advisory and Assurance Services (IFAAS). IFAAS oversees the Shariah governance of our Sirat banking services and conducts regular Shariah compliance audits.

Our Islamic banking funds are managed in accordance with Shariah requirements.

A personal approach

Habib Bank AG Zurich combines modern and efficient banking services with a personal approach through a network of eight branches across the UK. For Sirat, we have a team of dedicated relationship managers who have a UK-wide mandate.

Our approach is driven by a focus on ‘service with security’. The building blocks of our business and culture are made up of our six core values — commitment, teamwork, respect, responsibility, integrity and trust.


Balance your financial needs with your beliefs

If you’re looking for personal or business banking services that reflect your values then our Sirat products are an ideal choice.

  • Current account
  • Savings account
  • Real estate financing

We’ve designed them in line with Shariah principles — the framework of principles and guidelines that govern the lives of people who follow the Islamic faith.

We’re committed to being an inclusive company and these accounts are available to people of all faiths and no faith alike.

For more information about our products and services, please refer to the Sirat Product Brochure in the Important Information section below.

This section provides the convenience of accessing the most frequently used forms related to our Sirat banking products and services.

You have the following options, (i) complete the interactive form(s) and save/download them to your PC/laptop for printing and for signing, or (ii) download, and print the form to then complete by hand and then sign. At all times, please add your signature(s) before submitting to us for processing.

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