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Habib Bank Zurich plc (HBZ) Visa cards are now equipped with Verified By Visa. Shop online with added security of 3D Secure - Verified By Visa.

In an effort to further enhance security for it's Visa Card Customer, HBZ has integrated 3D secure feature to protect online purchase transactions. This latest online security option is available with all leading merchants.

Verified by Visa (VbV) is an additional level of password protection for online transactions with participating merchants, with no extra fee. All HBZ Visa cards are already enabled with VbV feature.

Key Features of VbV are:

  • Enhanced security on your online purchases.
  • VBV Internet transactions are made secure by the HBZ sending you a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile and email address.
  • You can be confident that HBZ & the online merchant you are shopping has made your security a priority.


Follow the step below to complete a secure transaction:

  • Select the product you want to purchase online and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your HBZ Visa card details when prompted on the screen at the time of checkout.
  • Enter HBZotp - One Time Password (received on your registered mobile or email) when prompted on the screen.
  • On successfully completing the transaction you will be redirected to payment confirmation screen by the merchant.

  • Ensure that your contact information, such as registered Mobile Number and Email Address, which will be used to transmit HBZotp, is always updated.
  • Ensure that popup window is enabled on the browser being used to carry out online transaction.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contact your branch to update your contact information.

1. What is OTP?

OTP means “One-Time Password”. An OTP is randomly generated and sent to your registered mobile number and email address for validation of your online transactions. It provides an enhanced level of security on card transactions when used to make purchases online.

2. What is your registered mobile number and email address?

Your registered mobile number and email address are the ones which you provided in the debit card application form.

If you have not registered your email address please contact your Relationship Manager. Your Visa card is auto enrolled for Verified by Visa (“VbV”) services.

3. How long will each OTP be valid?

Each OTP will be valid for 3 minutes.

4. Can I use one OTP for more than one transaction?

No. Every OTP is valid only for a particular transaction and cannot be used for any other transaction.

5. Does every online purchase require OTP Password?

No. An OTP is required when an online Merchant invokes a VbV service. Only then you will be required to enter the OTP.

6. What happens if I do not receive the OTP?

An OTP is instantly sent to your registered mobile number and email. If you do not receive the OTP, then please contact our 24x7 card services helpline at 0800 6444 429.

7. How many times can I request for an OTP to be re-sent to me?

You can request for an OTP to be re-sent to you two times only. After that the resend button will be disabled and you will be redirected to main merchant screen.

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