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A bank where personal service is principal. With HBZ's unmatched ability to offer all the banking services that are expected from a large institution, HBZ firmly believes in one-to-one relationships with its clients. Whether you want a current account, a loan, or to save, at HBZ we can offer you a product that suits your specific needs.

Download the appropriate application form and contact any of our branches to benefit from any or all of the products and services listed below.


We offer local currency and multi-currency accounts in all major currencies such as CHF, USD, EURO, GBP, CAD and JPY. Our goal is to deliver banking solutions in a competitive, pertinent and timely fashion. All Current and Savings account holders are issued with a HBZdebit VISA Card to provide 24/7 access to their funds and can choose a HBZ credit card that suits your needs.

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Time Deposit Account
  • Call Deposit Account

Make a one to seven days, one month or one year deposit that suits your needs and earn interest. Utilise the convenience of instant withdrawals through our Call Deposit Account and make short notice withdrawals from your Time Deposits. Whatever you choose, we offer attractive interest rates with a high degree of security.

Perhaps you require loans or advances to fulfill your short-term and long term personal needs from paying house rent, purchasing a car, settling adhoc expenses to financing a house for your family.

HBZ offers the following loans and advances products for its Personal account holders:

  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards - VISA
  • Rent Loans
  • Automobile Financing
  • Mortgage Loans - Apartments, Villas, etc.

Benefit from our lending and financing solutions designed to meet your personal needs.

HBZweb is a robust online banking platform that gives you total control of your account. Transfer funds locally or internationally at highly competitive rates through HBZcms, control your Debit and Credit cards online, bill payments, view and download real-time account information and so much more.

Manage and monitor your account 24/7 via our secure, eBanking platform, HBZweb & HBZmobile HBZgsm (SMS alerts), HBZtel (telephone banking) & HBZfax (automated fax notifications).

HBZ online services are unique, cost-effective and unmatched - over 120 different online banking services

  • HBZcms - make secure third party payments at your convenience
  • HBZefx - trade currencies in real-time
  • HBZtrade - trade US & UAE capital markets
  • HBZeLocker - store sensitive data using strong encryption algorithms
  • Log-in management - allowing controlled access to multiple authorised users
  • Push banking service is an event-driven system - receive SMS alerts for the transaction of your choice
  • eStatement - receive your statement of accounts via secure email
  • View and download real-time account history in either Excel™/XML
  • View authenticated SWIFT/FTS (remittance) messages
  • View all your accounts centrally
  • Pay bills in real time

For additional peace of mind clients are provided with the highest levels of security through HBZcram - challenge response authentication mechanisms. HBZcram is a unique security feature that uses a combination of the web and a JAVA™ enabled mobile phone to generate an authentication code. Additionally, receive an SMS every time your account is accessed.

HBZcram and HBZsecure key add additional layers of security. HBZ has also introduced a new authentication process called HBZotp (One Time Password)for its HBZsecure Key users in order to further enhance security for HBZweb transactions such as HBZcms, HBZwps, etc.

This ensures that eBanking customers have four levels of security to protect their information and puts the power of access only in the hands of the user. You choose the level and complexity of your security, so you are assured of a secure banking session.

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