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Habib Bank Zurich plc (HBZ) has been working with individuals, families and small and medium sized businesses in managing their finances for over 40 years in the UK. Our approach is driven by a focus on ‘service with security’. The building blocks of our business and culture are made up of our six core values — commitment, teamwork, respect, responsibility, integrity and trust.

Our reliance on service quality has resulted in many long-standing customer relationships.

The Bank’s customers are individuals and SMEs operating in property investment, services, trading and small-scale manufacturing. The products and services, we offer, include current accounts, loans, overdrafts, deposits, trade finance, foreign exchange and transactional banking.

Our global presence in Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America, provides an international reach for our customers.

We provide a wide variety of products and services designed to deliver working capital efficiency through effective receivables management or payable process engineering. HBZ has the right solutions tailored for you. Manage and monitor your business transactions 24/7 via our secure, eBanking platform: HBZweb, HBZgsm (SMS alerts).

We have also recently launched an Islamic Banking service under the brand name ‘Sirat’, which reflects our group’s core values and vision for future success.


For more information about the Business Banking Switch scheme, and to access various forms, important information and tariffs, please see the sections below.


Switching from Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest with Business Banking Switch?

Are you a Royal Bank of Scotland or NatWest business banking customer? If so, you might be able to switch your account to Habib Bank Zurich plc (HBZ) under the Business Banking Switch scheme.

What is the Business Banking Switch scheme?

The Business Banking Switch scheme, is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) commitment to HM Treasury and the European Commission to encourage competition in the UK small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business banking market, as a result of the state financial support it received during the financial crisis.

This provides all eligible RBS and NatWest business banking customers, the opportunity to choose from a range of incentivised offers to switch their business current account to a participating bank.

Who’s eligible to switch?

If you’re eligible to switch, you will have already been contacted by your bank about switching to another bank.

How is HBZ involved?

HBZ is one of the banks that eligible customers can switch to, as part of this scheme.

Using a fund administered by an independent body, we are able to offer cashback incentives on switching your business current account(s), alongside some other exclusive offers. Terms and conditions apply.

Next steps for switching

If you are one of the customers who is eligible to switch banks as part of this scheme, you will need to start your switch on the RBS Business Banking Switch website.
Visit the RBS site https://businessbankingswitch.rbs.co.uk

Once you shortlist HBZ, you will be able to see our exclusive offers and start your switch.

For more information please call: 0808 1642 242 (between 9:00am and 5:00pm - excluding weekends & bank holidays).

This section provides the convenience of accessing the most frequently used forms related to our Business banking products and services.

You have the following options, (i) complete the interactive form(s) and save/download them to your PC/laptop for printing and for signing, or (ii) download, and print the form to then complete by hand and then sign. At all times, please add your signature(s) before submitting to us for processing.

This document answers a range of questions about HBZ and its participation in the RBS Business Banking Switch scheme.

Switching to HBZ

If you’re not part of the Business Banking Switch scheme, but are interested in switching your account(s) to HBZ, you can still switch to us.*

* Note that cashback and incentives are only available to customers who are eligible to participate in the Business Banking Switch scheme. Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more:

NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply.

Habib Bank AG Zurich is not affiliated with Habib Bank Limited (HBL)


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