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Habib Bank AG Zürich has a long tradition and a unique position in Wealth Management. HBZ Wealth Management services are highly personalized to our client’s needs. We pay particular attention to safety and wealth preservation. Our goal is to identify opportunities across global financial markets in a constantly changing economic and financial market environment and match them to client’s specific investment profile and investment needs.

  • We understand your financial situation and investment needs.
  • We recommend an investment strategy based on your portfolio risk profile and specific investment interests; we will select suitable investment instruments.
  • We implement your investment portfolio based on your instructions along with our house view on the global financial markets.
  • We review and manage your portfolio across market cycles, keeping your investment in check against your risk profile and investment preferences.


Banking Tradition since 1941: Habib Bank AG Zurich (HBZ) draws on a rich tradition of commerce and banking dating back to 1941 when its predecessor, the pioneering Habib Bank Limited, was founded in British India. HBZ, as we know it today, was incorporated in 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland, a major financial center and the heart of the global Wealth Management industry.

Banking for your community: HBZ Wealth Management is based on a relationship of trust and referrals that have been carefully cultivated over the years, if not generations. HBZ has built an enviable reputation in famously tight-knit South Asian communities and has an extensive network through its business presence.

Swiss Service: We are intimately familiar with our clients’ specific requirements addressing their needs proactively and managing their expectations. We put our clients’ needs first.

Competence – Advice, Portfolio Management and Research: Our team of seasoned banking professionals ensures that our clients receive the best possible investment service and advice.

HBZ Wealth Management Zurich, Switzerland, offers:

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Investment Advice

  • Investment Advice in line with HBZ house view
  • Selection of investments based on your investment profile and portfolio investment needs
  • Asset allocation advice, portfolio construction and health checks
  • Access to global financial markets and selected financial instruments, including structured products

Discretionary Portfolio Management

  • Global and regional multi-asset class portfolios discretionary managed along with HBZ house view. Our team of portfolio managers are guided by your portfolio risk profile, your strategy selection and specific investment guidelines.

Other Banking Services

  • Fiduciary Deposits / HBZ Term Deposits
  • Lombard Lending
  • Commercial Loan (property backed; in specific markets only)
  • Trade Finance: letters of credit, bill discounting and related services
  • E-banking services


HBZ Wealth Management Dubai, UAE, offers:

Brokerage Services

  • Access to global financial markets and selected financial instruments, including structured products

Other Banking Services

  • Lombard Lending
  • E-banking services


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