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HBZ is constantly looking for new ways of improving your banking experience whilst maintaining a high level of security and customer service. In today's globalised environment we are always on the move whether its meeting clients, suppliers, manufacturers, employees, friends, family, on holiday, etc. With all this to do, you still have to address your constantly changing banking needs.

HBZ recognises these challenges and has extended an extensive suite of its services onto a secure online platform without compromising its rigorous compliance and security standards. Securely track your money and execute transactions from wherever you are, without having to call in or physically visit a branch. Manage your finances from the comfort of your desk or while on the move.

Our online services can save you considerable time because it's always open, are cost-effective and unmatched - with over 120 different online banking services available. Manage your account and conduct financial transactions in real time from the secure channel of your choice

Bank anytime. 24 hours a day. World Wide.


Snapshot of some of our online services.

  • HBZcms - make secure third party payments at your convenience
  • HBZeLC - manage your trade finance activities online
  • HBZefx - trade currencies in real-time
  • HBZtrade - trade US & UAE capital markets
  • HBZpay - online payroll system
  • HBZeLocker - store sensitive data using strong encryption algorithms
  • Log-in management - allowing controlled access to multiple authorised users
  • Push banking service is an event-driven system - receive SMS alerts for the transaction of your choice
  • View authenticated SWIFT messages
  • View all your accounts centrally
  • View & download your complete account history in either Excel™/XML
  • Pay bills in real time

For additional peace of mind clients are provided with the highest levels of security through HBZcram - challenge response authentication mechanisms. HBZcram is a unique security feature that uses a combination of the web and a JAVA™ enabled mobile phone to generate an authentication code. Additionally, receive an SMS every time your account is accessed.

HBZcram and HBZsecure key add additional layers of security. HBZ has also introduced a new authentication process called HBZotp (One Time Password) for its HBZsecure Key users in order to further enhance security for HBZweb transactions such as HBZcms, HBZwps, etc.

This ensures that eBanking customers have four levels of security to protect their information and puts the power of access only in the hands of the user. You choose the level and complexity of your security, so you are assured of a secure banking session.

NOTE: Certain products, services and features may only be available in specific countries. We are working on bringing them to your region soon.

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