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In today's world, you need a payment card for everything from withdrawing cash, renting a car to checking into a hotel or buying airline tickets. Habib Bank Zurich plc is delighted to introduce HBZ Visa Debit cards.  HBZ Visa Debit cards will allow you to access funds anytime, anywhere at ATMs locally as well as internationally. The HBZ Visa Debit cards are accepted at more than 24 million places in 162 countries and territories. If you need cash, you can get local currency from more than a million cash machines in the VISA global network. Our customers are assured that they can rely on their HBZ Visa Debit cards to provide a safe, flexible and convenient way to carry out financial transactions.


  • Personal Current Accounts only.
  • Singly Operations (i.e. when only one signature is required to operate the account).
  • If you meet the above eligibility criteria then download the HBZ Visa card application form and submit it to your local branch or consult your relationship manager.

To find out more:

1 Customer support is available between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (BST).
2 Calls are charged at your service providers rates and will be monitored and record.

Service With Security

Protecting your online purchases

Your online purchases using HBZ Debit Cards are protected via Verified by Visa service, providing high level of security. When you use your HBZ Debit Card online,you are protected against internet fraud so you wont be liable for online transactions undertaken without your authority.

Increase Security

HBZ Debit cards comes with powerful card encryption that makes merchant payments more secure than ever before. All your purchases at merchant are secured via your customise PIN whether conducting transactions locally or internationally.

Transactional Alerts

Receive all HBZ Visa Debit Card transactions and inquiries update through our HBZgsm banking, delivering transactional information to your mobile phone via SMS (Short Message Service) on real time basis. The transactional alerts allow cardholder to keep track of card usage.

Greater convenience

HBZ chip cards can be used safely in remote locations where telecommunications are unreliable or prohibitively expensive. Chip cards contain a number of checks and balances, which means that your card can make an informed decision at every transaction.

Internationally Accepted

You can use your HBZ Visa Debit cards internationally at any merchant and ATM displaying the VISA Logo.

Call our 24 Hours Helpline at 0800 6 444 429 from the United Kingdom, or +44 (0) 207 1 184 4291 1 from abroad.

  • Report your card lost or stolen.
  • Transaction inquiries
  • Card activation

1 Calls are charged at your service providers rates and will be monitored and record.

Existing HBZweb customers can conveniently access below mentioned functionalities by simply logging on their HBZweb banking account.

  • Suspend/Reactivate a card.
  • Activate/Deactivate International Transaction.
  • Activate/Deactivate Online Transaction.
  • Manage your card limits.

To apply for HBZweb Banking service, contact your Relationship Manager.

Using HBZ Visa Debit card you can conduct the below mentioned transactions locally as well as Internationally.

  United Kingdom Internationally
Cash Withdrawal 1 Max. £300 daily Max. £300 (equivalent) 2 daily
In-Store Purchases Max. £5,000 daily Max. £5,000 (equivalent) daily
Online Max. £5,000 daily Not applicable
Over-the-Phone Max. £2,000 daily Not applicable

1 Charges may apply.
2 You may use the Card (without informing us) to conduct Transactions in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Kenya. To enable the Card to conduct Transactions in countries not mentioned you must call our 24 hours Card Services Helpline.

A division of Visa Inc., GCCS (Global Customer Assistance Service) provides world class, high-touch customer and in-house support to Visa clients, merchants, and cardholders.

Being the best in Class performance metrics across services:

  • Lost or stolen card reporting.
  • Emergency card replacement.
  • Emergency cash up to US $5,000.
  • Emergency payment authorization.
  • Three Customer Care Centers, five Embossing Hubs with a Worldwide Distribution Network.
  • Experienced Agents in all aspects of Visa products and services, offering ten core languages.
  • Dial-in the 24-Hour alarm center on +1 303 967 1096.
  • To access list of all GCAS International number click here.
  • Learn more about GCAS click here.

Visa Explore App - one access point for all Visa global, regional and local offers for our regions' card holders.

What does it do?

With the Visa Explore mobile app, Visa cardholders can find the latest Visa offers and promotions overseas or nearby - from travel deals, to dining, entertainment, shopping and other lifestyle-related privileges - personalized according to their interests.

Key features

  • Quick access to emergency assistance and concierge numbers.
  • ATM locator.
  • Currency converter.
  • Nearby deals.
  • Save and share deals.
  • Filter deals by type and preference.
  • Contacting merchants offering deals.

Novel Functionality

Using GPS, the Nearby feature can show the offers available around the Visa cardholder. Visa cardholder can even filter these offers by the kind of experiences they are looking to avail. Visa cardholders can also find out locations of ATMs that exist around them at the click of a button.

Where can I download it?

Visa Explore App can now be download through:

  • App Store for Apple mobile devices.
  • Google Play for Android mobile devices.

Note: Offers vary over time. Visit www.travel.visa.com/app/EN/index.html for Terms & Conditions.

If you’re in United Kingdom:

  • Report it immediately to Habib Bank Zurich plc on 0800 6 444 429 and we will cancel your card immediately.
  • Apply for a replacement card by downloading the application form and submit it your branch or contact your Relationship Manager.

If you’re Abroad:

  • Report it immediately to Habib Bank Zurich plc +44 207 1184 429 and we will cancel your card immediately.

To find out more:

1 Customer support is available between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (BST).
2 Calls are charged at your service providers rates and will be monitored and record.

NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply.


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